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What Measurement/Dimensions are Most Chopping Boards? How Thick?

Chopping boards have customary sizes and dimensions which is appropriate for his or her goal. This text discusses reducing board sizes and their makes use of.

Different types of cutting boards on the table.

“Individuals who like to eat are all the time the most effective folks.” mentioned movie star chef Julia Youngster. She additionally mentioned “You’re alone within the kitchen.” She was encouraging and forgiving of people that made small errors whereas cooking. Nevertheless, there are some errors within the kitchen you must by no means make. One is cross contamination.

That is the switch of dangerous micro organism from one place to a different. You don’t wish to do that as a result of it results in foodborne sickness. Knife security can be one thing you don’t ignore within the kitchen. A very good reducing board retains knives sharp. Sharp knives will not be solely simpler to make use of however, unusual because it appears, safer to make use of. 

There are a lot of faculties of thought on what materials a reducing board must be product of. The scale and dimensions of a reducing board are one other. Let’s see what’s most really useful. 

Top from Flooring

A modern kitchen with granite countertop.

The usual peak for a kitchen counter is 36 inches. Julia Youngster’s butcher block counters had been 38 inches as the girl was over six toes tall in flats. You may not be capable to do a lot to vary the peak of the counters your kitchen got here with, however you must be capable to modify issues with the intention to use them comfortably.

In case your peak is exterior the common, it will imply considering exterior the field. This might imply standing on a stepstool in case your peak is under common. Somebody of above common peak could also be extra snug with an additional thick reducing board, or maybe a trivet beneath to provide an additional inch or so. Do what works for you. 

Thickness of a Chopping Board

Raw meat on a wooden cutting board.

There are rubber and plastic reducing boards which might be lower than an inch thick. Nevertheless, your conventional wood reducing board must be 1 ¼- to 2-inches thick. The thicker ones are most really useful as they’re least more likely to warp or be broken simply. The rubber and plastic ones are sturdy and don’t take up a lot area resulting from their thinness. Right here once more, you wish to go along with what fits your wants and preferences finest. 

Measurement of a Chopping Board

Plastic cutting board with different sizes.

It is a little difficult. Whereas the normal reducing board is rectangular, there are round, sq. and oval reducing boards. There are even novelty reducing boards formed like animals or a state’s borders. The oblong ones are probably the most sensible. One thing that’s twelve inches by eighteen inches might finest serve your wants.

When you work with bigger cuts of meat or massive fruits like watermelon or pineapple, you might want a bigger reducing board of fifteen by twenty inches. When you costume sport, fish within the spherical or jackfruit, you might have considered trying the additional massive 24 by 36 inches.

If all you do is mince herbs or minimize up small fruit for a child, there are mini reducing boards which might be solely within the neighborhood of 4 by six inches. You will see that that probably the most ubiquitous sizes run someplace between ten by fourteen inches and fifteen by twenty inches.

Form of the Chopping Board

A pile of wooden cutting boards.

The oblong form is basically the most effective to work with because it has extra floor space. Until you get a really bug one, spherical reducing boards normally don’t have sufficient floor space to work with. They’re higher used as a serving board for Charcuterie. The novelty formed boards are cute, however higher off as decor than any sensible goal. 

Materials of the Chopping Board. 

2 circular granite cutting boards.

Don’t use something made out of glass or any kind of stone as it will uninteresting your knives. There are differing faculties of thought on plastic vs wood boards. Plastic is commonly considered extra sanitary as it’s simpler to wash, however the reality is most woods, notably hardwoods like maple, are antimicrobial to start out with. (Sanitize them anyway to forestall cross contamination.)

Some wood boards will even “heal” themselves in order that there aren’t any grooves for micro organism to type in. However, wooden is porous sufficient to retain robust odors like fish or garlic. If after hand scrubbing your wood reducing board with cleaning soap and water it nonetheless smells odd, rub a wedge of lemon over it and let it air dry. It must be slicked with beeswax or mineral oil each two weeks. 


Wooden cutting boards and kitchen utensils.

There are a lot of various kinds of reducing board. Some are greater than others. A wood one with the scale of twelve inches by eighteen inches in floor space and two inches thick is right for the standard kitchen (and customary prepare dinner), however you must go along with what your private wants are. No matter that case is, preserve your boards clear and your knives sharp for secure and wholesome cooking. 



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