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Tigeropolis Eco-Options: Episode 4 – Water-Beavers – Enjoyable Youngsters

Beavers are eco-system engineers! They gnaw away at timber, construct dams and the dams entice water and create lakes and ponds and modifications the panorama.

They’re a keystone species – an animal that creates alternatives for hundreds extra animals to reside in that setting.

brown and black animal on water

Lots of people suppose beaver’s eat fish, however they really eat vegetation – bark, leaves, twigs, however undoubtedly not fish.

On this Tigeropolis Eco-Characteristic, biologist and pure historical past presenter, Gillian Burke, and the children from Ladock Major Faculty are off to the Cornwall Beaver Challenge at Woodland Valley Farm in Ladock to search out out extra about this clever creatures.

Take heed to the episode under!

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