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Prime 10 Information About Royal Mail! – Enjoyable Children

1. Royal Mail is without doubt one of the oldest postal techniques on the earth!

The Royal Mail is without doubt one of the oldest postal techniques on the earth that’s nonetheless working.

It has been round for over 500 years!

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2. The postal service was created in 1516 when Henry VIII was King!

The postal service began in 1516 when Henry VIII was in energy.

It was when he knighted the primary Grasp of the Posts.

The primary Grasp of the Posts was Sir Brian Tuke.

He would start to organise the postal system and work out which might be the vital put up cities throughout the nation.

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3. The postal system was just for Royal use in the beginning.

The general public haven’t all the time been allowed to make use of Royal Mail or a postal system.

At first, solely the King and the Royal Court docket might use it. The Royal Court docket is the Royal family.

The general public couldn’t use it for over 100 years.

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4. Charles l opened up the postal service to the general public in 1635.

As you’ve gotten learnt above, the postal service wasn’t accessible to the general public to start with.

We will thank Charles l as a result of he determined to open it up for the general public too.

This made communication a lot simpler.

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Discover out what the letters might need stated in 1914 under!

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5. The postal service was named Royal Mail in 1784.

Royal Mail hasn’t all the time been known as Royal Mail.

In keeping with the Royal Mail web site, it was named this in 1784.

This was when their mail coaches turned a well-recognized sight throughout the nation.

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6. Royal Mail used to have an underground postal prepare!

Below the streets of London was a Royal Mail postal prepare line!

This was used to take letters throughout London.

The road went from Paddington to Whitechapel.

It began working from 1927 and was stopped in 2003.

You may nonetheless go to the road in the present day! Make a journey to The Postal Museum and Mail Rail.

You’ll journey again in time by way of the unique tunnels and station platforms of London’s 100-year-old postal railway.

Click on right here to search out out extra!

7. In 1840 the sender needed to begin paying for postage.

1840 was a vital yr within the postal system!

Earlier than this, the receiver of the letter needed to pay for the postage.

Nevertheless, when the primary ever adhesive stamp was invented, The Penny Black, it meant that the sender must pay for postage.

That is the way it nonetheless works in the present day!

8. Royal Mail makes use of postcodes to kind letters and parcels.

Each handle has a postcode. That’s the letters and numbers on the finish of your handle!

Postcodes haven’t all the time been round! There was a trial in Norwich in 1959.

It labored so effectively that in 1965 and 1974, postcodes had been rolled out to each British handle.

They might permit all mail to be sorted by machine which might save quite a lot of time and make the system extra correct.

There are over 48 million combos!

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9. Earlier than postboxes, individuals would give their letters to The Bellman.

Once you wish to put up a letter, you often head straight for the postbox or Publish Workplace.

Earlier than the postbox existed, individuals would both take their letters to a Receiving Home (which was a bit just like the Publish Workplace) or they’d anticipate The Bellman.

The Bellman wore a particular uniform and would ring a bell to inform everybody he was there!

He would then accumulate the entire letters.

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10. Postboxes had been as soon as inexperienced!

Postboxes haven’t all the time been crimson… nonetheless they did begin off that means.

When postboxes had been first trialled in 1852, they had been crimson. Nevertheless, future postboxes had been inexperienced!

This was a problem as individuals had bother discovering them. They had been camouflaged.

They had been modified again to crimson in 1874.

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