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How you can Get Pencil Marks Off Your Partitions

Do your partitions have cussed pencil marks? Discover ways to eliminate them on this article. Test it out!

Woman marking white wall.

Are you gazing pencil marks throughout your partitions (or different surfaces), and also you simply don’t know get them off? In case you have a small youngster who simply embellished her personal room, or if you happen to simply have a house enchancment venture that has gone mistaken, don’t fear. There are a number of methods to take away pencil marks.

Relying on how darkish the marks are, the size of time they’ve been on the floor, and the kind of coating on the floor, these strategies could have various levels of success.


Pencil eraser removing written mistake.

Usually, the best technique of eradicating pencil marks is the only. Gentle marks on paper, most varieties of drywall, and matte end paint can usually come off with a high-quality artwork gum eraser. These erasers are bought at most artwork shops (search for them within the drawing provides aisle).

They’re designed for erasing pointers, and lots of mural artists will use them when sketching designs on partitions they’re about to color. When erasing, rub within the path of the marks; don’t crisscross the design.

Artwork gum erasers are the only option, however you may strive a high-quality rubber eraser if that’s all you could have out there. On some surfaces, these kind of erasers will smudge the pencil traces slightly than erase them, nonetheless. Begin by testing a small part of the realm you need to erase first.

Within the occasion that the pencil smears, strive one of many different strategies on this listing.

Baking Soda

Baking soda on a wooden bowl.

Take a humid washcloth and dip it in a small quantity of baking soda. Rub the baking soda into the pencil marks with small round motions, then wipe off utilizing a clear damp material. The abrasiveness of the baking soda ought to assist to take away the pencil marks and any smearing that will have occurred.


Toothbrush with toothpaste in a bathroom, closed up shot.

Plain white toothpaste is barely extra abrasive than baking soda, so it may possibly work when baking soda fails.  Apply a small quantity with a small brush or washcloth utilizing small round motions.  

Magic Eraser

Gloved hand cleaning crayon off the wall using magic eraser.

These merchandise include a mix of sunshine abrasive and amonia-based cleaner, making them supreme for eliminating pencil marks, pen marks, marker, and in some instances, even everlasting marker. Magic eraser merchandise are identified to take away paint and different markings, so strive a small take a look at spot earlier than utilizing it on a bigger space.

Remember that it may possibly take a number of minutes earlier than paint begins to fade, so rub in a small unnoticeable spot, wait about ten minutes, examine the colorfastness of the realm, then apply it to the remainder of the marks.


No mess pen with a can of WD-40.

Spray the product on a washcloth, then rub it into the marks you’re attempting to take away. The oil and alcohol in WD-40 will work to dissolve the graphite within the pencil marks. Once more, bear in mind that this mixture may also dissolve paint and go away an oily sheen on some varieties of drywall and wall coatings.

Check Iona small spot earlier than utilizing it on a big space.


Closed up shot of a hairdresser using hairspray on a client's hair.

This can be a tried and true technique of eradicating pencil marks, pens, and different varieties of ink from cloth. In case you have marks on curtains or different varieties of cloth coatings in your partitions, spray them with hairspray, then launder them as you usually would. If the mark is on a floor which you can’t simply launder, use a moist washcloth to wash off the hairspray.

In some instances, you could want to make use of a really delicate, diluted cleaning soap.

Dry Cleansing Solvent

Dry cleaning service cleaning a living room.

This product can usually be present in large field shops within the laundry merchandise aisle. Search for it as part of dwelling dry cleansing kits. This solvent might be the final resort, if nothing else works then do that.

Spray the solvent instantly onto the pencil marks, let it sit for a couple of minutes, then use a clear moist rag to take away the surplus solvent.

Fixing Issues

Orange painted wall with pencil markings.

It is rather potential to take away a small part of paint when utilizing one in every of these strategies. Ideally, you’ll uncover this in a small take a look at spot that nobody will discover, however loads of individuals have made a mistake and eliminated the paint or end from a piece of the wall that could be very noticeable.

Thankfully, there are issues that you are able to do to repair it, however they are going to be labor-intensive.


Woman repainting wall.

Hopefully, you retain a small quantity of paint for every of your partitions, but when not, you’ll want to paint match. Whilst you may be capable to get {a photograph} or use an app that may offer you the precise quantities of tint wanted, it’s normally greatest to take a pattern of the painted floor into the shop in order that it may be examined.

That may require you to take away a piece of the wall in some instances and later patch it.  


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