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How Usually Ought to I Stain a Wooden Deck?

Uncover how typically it’s best to stain your wooden deck on this article together with some extra data your can study!

Varnishing wooden deck using paint brush.

How typically ought to I stain a wooden deck? It is a widespread query many individuals wish to ask. A picket deck ought to be stained each one to 5 years, relying on the stain’s sort, model, and strong content material.

As well as, the staining frequency depends on the deck’s situation, new or previous. Fading, carrying, and peeling points additionally affect how typically you must stain the deck.

Sort of Stain

Applying protective varnish on deck patio.

Since there isn’t a one-size-fits-all stain, the kind of stain used on a deck influences how typically the construction ought to be handled. The first stain attribute affecting how lengthy pressure protects wooden is opacity or transparency. In response to Olympics, “opacity determines how a lot wooden grain one needs to see after their deck is stained.”  

If I apply a transparent or semi-transparent stain on my deck, I typically reapply a brand new coat each two years. That’s as a result of clear or semi-transparent wooden doesn’t final for lengthy. Most picket grain can also be seen when the wooden is stained with clear or semi-transparent stain. Any such stain is good for a brand new deck.

If I apply a semi-solid or strong coloration stain on my deck, it’s going to take me about 5 years to reapply the stain. In contrast to clear or semi-transparent stains, semi-solid and strong stains have big quantities of pigments. They type a skinny layer on the stained deck and supply long-term safety towards put on, tear, and peeling off.

Semi-solid and strong stains additionally present sufficient safety towards ultraviolet rays than clear and semi-transparent stains.

Staining a New Deck

Brand new Australian spotted gum deck being stained.

A brand new picket deck wants staining. As a normal rule of thumb, a brand new picket deck ought to be let dry for at the very least 30 days earlier than making use of a stain. Despite the fact that stain will be utilized instantly after putting in a deck, extra work is required, therefore the necessity to let the wooden fully dry earlier than staining it.

As well as, there are normal pointers based mostly on the kind of lumber used to assemble the deck that I take advantage of to find out how typically I have to stain my new deck. A deck constructed utilizing pressure-treated lumber ought to dry off for about six months earlier than staining it. I take advantage of water to find out if a pressure-lumbar deck is dry.

A dry pressure-lumber deck will soak water, whereas a moist one will bead up when water is poured on it.

A brand new deck manufactured from kiln-dried timber ought to be allowed to dry for one to 2 months earlier than making use of stain. Most lumbers acquired at hardwoods shops are kiln-dried. Kiln-dried lumbers dry sooner as a result of they bear drying in an oven (kiln) to cut back their moisture content material.

Though inexperienced lumber, or freshly reduce wooden, isn’t excellent for developing decks, some folks nonetheless use it due to its prepared availability. Inexperienced lumber ought to be given at the very least 12 months or extra per inch of thickness to dry earlier than making use of stain. The inexperienced lumber ought to be cleaned earlier than staining utilizing stress or wooden cleaner. 

Staining an Outdated Deck

Wooden deck renovation treatment.

An previous deck ought to obtain staining each two to a few years. Furthermore, the situation of an previous deck will decide how typically it wants staining. Decks ought to be stained as quickly as they exhibit carrying, fading, or peeling indicators.

Decks with mould or mildew development, in addition to water-soaked decks, also needs to be stained instantly.

The whole floor ought to be painted when staining to realize a uniform deck coloration. In different phrases, the entire deck ought to be stained even when the wearing-off is prevalent in sure areas solely.

Deck Upkeep Practices

Detailed scrubbing of a deck.

Routine upkeep of a stained picket deck is critical for permitting all varieties of stain to last more. Even a long-lasting stain can rapidly fade away if not correctly maintained. The next are upkeep practices I periodically conduct to guard the integrity of my stained picket deck.

1. Sweeping

Man sweeping deck patio.

I conduct common sweeping to maintain my stained picket deck intact. Sweeping off dust, mud, moist leaves, and different particles retains my stained deck clear and helps to guard the stain from put on and tear.

2. Cleansing

Man cleaning dirty deck with power washer.

Aside from sweeping particles, cleansing the deck with an influence washer or a hosepipe is one other upkeep observe I take advantage of to guard my deck. Cleansing is crucial in eliminating cussed dust, corresponding to mud or mildew development, that received’t come off simply.

3. Inspection

I conduct common inspections to assist keep the integrity of my deck. In any case, good wooden deck upkeep is giving is common inspections. I examine my deck’s floor and substructure each six to 12 months to establish seen injury.

I name professionals to do repairs as quickly as I discover any damages on my deck, no matter their dimension. Common inspection and restore assist shield and keep the stain for a very long time.


A beautiful deck patio.

I stain my deck each one to 5 years to guard it and improve its lifespan. However, the frequency will range relying on the kind of stain I take advantage of and the situation of the deck. Furthermore, I conduct common sweeping, cleansing, and inspection to guard the integrity of my stained picket deck.


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