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High 10 Info about Recycling – Enjoyable Children

1. Recycling is the method of taking materials corresponding to glass, plastic, steel or paper, and processing it in order that it may be used another time!

The extra we recycle the much less new supplies must be created, chopped down or mined. That is higher for the atmosphere.

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2. Lower than half of plastic within the U.Ok is recycled 

Yearly the U.Ok throws away over 7 billion plastic bottles in addition to different plastic garbage from meals packaging, toys and far more. 

Regardless of how a lot plastic we use we solely recycle 45% of plastic that we throw away within the U.Ok.

Discover out extra about Plastic in our High 10 Info about Plastic.

3. Within the UK we throw away sufficient cans every year they may attain the moon 3 times

13 billion cans are thrown out yearly. If we stacked them on prime of one another you could possibly make 3 piles of cans that might attain to the moon!

Cans are a fantastic factor to recycle so make sure that whenever you’ve completed along with your baked beans you set the can within the recycling.

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4. The power saved from recycling 1 glass bottle is sufficient an influence a lightweight bulb for 4 hours

Recycling can save a number of power. It takes a number of power to make glass however by recycling glass that’s already made we are able to save a number of power – in actual fact it’s sufficient power to energy a lightweight bulb for 4 hours.

Recycling only one plastic bottle saves sufficient power to energy a lightbulb for six hours.

5. 14 million glass bottles and jars are despatched to landfill day-after-day.

Regardless of how a lot power and uncooked (new) supplies recycling glass can save we nonetheless ship 14 million glass bottles and jars to landfill day-after-day within the U.Ok.

6. Each tonne of paper recycled saves 17 timber

Utilizing recycled paper saves timber from being reduce down so all the time verify to see in case your paper is recycled.

One other good technique to save paper and timber is to be sure to use the entrance AND again of paper.

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7. We throw extra garbage into landfill than we recycle

The U.Ok creates 26 million tonnes of garbage yearly.

12 million tonnes is recycled, and 14 million tonnes is distributed to landfill websites.

8. Making one can from uncooked (new) supplies makes use of the identical quantity of power that it takes to recycle 20 cans.

This implies recycling cans is admittedly vital. Aluminium cans are some of the recycled waste gadgets on the planet – over 50% of cans on the planet are recycled.

9. In lower than 2 hours the UK produces sufficient waste to fill the Albert Corridor in London

Recycling is a method to assist sort out how a lot garbage we make however we also needs to take into consideration losing much less.

Utilizing a reusable water bottle and consuming all our meals and never throwing it away are simply a few of the methods we are able to make sure that we create much less garbage. Discover out extra about lowering your waste and carbon footprint right here.

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10. As much as 60% of the garbage that leads to the bin could possibly be recycled

Not every thing will be recycled however sadly greater than half of the issues we put within the bin to go to landfill might have been recycled.

Be sure you are checking in case your garbage will be recycled earlier than placing it within the non-recycling bin.



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