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Can Wooden Reducing Boards Go within the Dishwasher?

Reducing boards like every other tools want upkeep and cleansing. This text discusses cleansing chopping boards and the best way to maintain them.

A cutting board with white and black pepper.

It is likely to be tempting to submerge your picket reducing board within the dishwasher. However, it isn’t a good suggestion. Wooden can splinter, warp and even break when uncovered to moisture and excessive warmth in an extended washing cycle.

How Can I Clear My Picket Chopping Board?

Listed below are methods to scrub your chopping board.


A woman cleaning a chopping board.

First, rinse your board with scorching water from the faucet. Then clear it by hand utilizing heat soapy water. Don’t use scourers or brushes which are too abrasive to keep away from damaging the wooden. A delicate sponge, scrubbing brush, or cleansing material with plastic bristles must be used to take away the remaining meals stains from the board. Take note of any scored marks or mild scars.


You have to sanitize your picket chopping board after cleansing often. This ensures it’s fully meals secure.

Merely spray a kitchen sanitizer onto the floor of the board. Then wipe away after 30 seconds with a clear, dry sponge/material.


You’ve to disinfect your picket chopping board after cleansing, and particularly after chopping or getting ready uncooked meat. I usually desire chlorine-based bleach to disinfect my board as soon as I dilute it.

I take advantage of a teaspoon for each three pints of water for a really perfect dilution. Then unfold the answer over the board and let it relaxation on the floor for a couple of minutes.

Lastly, I clear totally with heat soapy faucet water and rinse effectively. Please make sure you take away any traces/marks from the board when utilizing bleaches.


A modern house kitchen sink with wooden chopping board.

Instantly after cleansing and sanitizing the board, pat the underside utilizing disposable towels or a catering roll. Then permit it to dry. I don’t suggest drying it in direct daylight as that causes the wooden to splinter and crack. 

A dry, picket chopping board must be saved upright to forestall moisture from cumulating beneath. An upright posture assist prevents airborne particles like mud from selecting the reducing floor. Remember to buy a chopping board rack because it provides probably the most hygienic storage methodology.

After cleansing, rub the board with half a lemon if you detect a robust odor. It leaves it smelling contemporary and sanitizes the floor, too.

Furthermore, seasoning your picket chopping board is a vital upkeep tip. However not all boards come seasoned. Subsequently, some want seasoning earlier than first use. Season your board when it seems to be dropping its seal, and this is likely to be weekly or month-to-month primarily based on its utilization.

Why Ought to I Oil My Wooden Chopping Board?

Wooden Chopping board with pepper and oil.

Your wooden chopping board wants oiling to forestall drying, cracking, and warping. Oiling retains the board’s anti-microbial particles off, too. The oil fills the areas within the wooden fibers and prevents water from coming into the wooden.

Amassed water causes splits and cracks. Micro organism cover and multiply in these tiny areas, too. Subsequently, stopping your board from having these small areas is greatest to maintain it hygienic.

Oil your board utilizing food-grade mineral oils a minimum of twice a month after disinfecting. Every other sort of oil can entice micro organism and go away an disagreeable odor. Smear a skinny coat of oil on the board’s floor (sides, again, and entrance) and buff the oil into the board in a round movement utilizing a delicate sponge or paper towel. Lastly, let the oil soak in for a few hours.

With routine cleansing and care, your picket chopping board can serve you effectively for an prolonged interval!

How Can I Clear and Keep My Plastic Chopping Board?

A person chopping mushrooms in a plastic chopping board.

First, by no means submerge your skinny plastic chopping board within the dishwasher. Doing so may trigger it to soften and bend due to the warmth. Whereas a thicker one is ok, there isn’t any assurance that it could maintain within the dishwasher.

So, you should be cautious and alter your dishwasher temperature. This helps shield your plastic chopping board from deformation.

In case your chopping board melts, it’d destroy different utensils. Although that hardly ever occurs, it’s nonetheless a priority you need to observe. It’d seem deformed with twists and bends that shouldn’t be there. Both method, you want a flat plastic chopping board.

Can I Submerge a Giant Reducing Board in a Dishwasher?

Some heavy and huge reducing boards, corresponding to these manufactured from marble and granite, aren’t match for dishwashers. Steady publicity of huge boards to heat dishwashers causes cracks. 

How Ought to I Wax and Oil My Board?

Oiling your board depends upon the kind of wooden and the way ceaselessly you employ it. Twice a month is an effective place for a begin, however I might suggest you oil your board at any time when it seems thirsty.

It’s easy to inform a thirsty board — sprinkle a number of drops of water in your board. It ought to bead up on a sufficiently oiled board. If the water soaks within the wooden or disperses, your board wants oiling and waxing!

How Can a Wooden Chopping Board Make Individuals Sick? 

A chopping board with leftover slices.

Utilizing a wooden chopping board makes foodborne pathogens transfer from the meals ready to the board. It doesn’t matter what sort of meals you’re getting ready as a result of every kind of meals carry pathogens, from apples to lettuce to meat.

Subsequently, you need to clear and sanitize your chopping board to forestall these pathogens from rising to harmful ranges. Pathogens may transfer to the meals being ready and make you sick everytime you use your board.

How Usually Ought to I Exchange My Picket Board?

It will assist should you change your picket board at any time when it turns into scratched, cracked, or reveals indicators of wear and tear. It may be changed each few months if it’s used often. I like to recommend you examine your board weekly and after peak durations of utilization. A picket chopping board used within the kitchen is probably going to get replaced extra usually.

Can I Submerge a Bamboo Chopping Board in a Dishwasher?

A bamboo cutting board in a kitchen sink.

A bamboo reducing board is light-weight, eco-friendly, and pleasing to the eyes. They’re more durable than wooden and fewer porous, which suggests they’ll boring the blade of your knife faster than wooden. It requires oiling and handwashing as a result of the bamboo may splinter when not sufficiently maintained.

Sadly, some bamboo reducing boards are marketed as dishwasher secure, however they begin splintering and chipping after a scorching dishwasher cycle.

Closing Ideas

Earlier than submerging your picket chopping board in dishwater, contemplate how the fabric holds up in such warmth and moist situations. A plastic may soften if skinny sufficient, and the wooden warps, however glass chopping boards are dishwasher secure.


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