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Are Plastic Chopping Boards Secure?

There are a number of kinds of slicing boards and on this article, we are going to focus on the advantages of getting a plastic slicing board and their benefit.

Plastic cutting board with Chinese cabbage and tomato.

Plastic slicing boards have fewer meals security considerations than wood ones, however they are often extra susceptible to slipping. That signifies that whereas they are often the only option for secure meals dealing with, they may not be the most secure selection for brand spanking new cooks.

For many of human historical past, individuals used wood boards as a slicing floor.  Wood counter tops are a porous and tender materials. That signifies that they take up the liquids of something that’s positioned on them, and it’s very simple to gouge or reduce into them.  

Due to the issues that this creates, individuals began utilizing a scrap piece of wooden to chop on. As soon as the wood board grew to become too badly broken, it could possibly be thrown away. Finally, this developed into the wood slicing boards that individuals use as we speak.

Prior to now a number of a long time, plastic slicing boards have come available on the market. As a result of they’re much less porous than wood slicing boards, they’re typically marketed as a safer resolution within the kitchen than wood slicing boards.

The Downside With Wood Boards

Individuals who have wood slicing boards run into the issue that they have a tendency to wear down pretty rapidly. As knives scrape throughout them, deeper and deeper gouges kind, permitting the liquid from fruits, greens, and meats to seep into the wooden.  

This creates a number of points. To start out, micro organism develop within the cracks and crevices which are shaped when the wooden is cut up. As natural matter from the meals that’s reduce soaks into the wooden, the micro organism that’s on that meals will discover a new residence within the cracks. Primarily, the wood slicing board turns into a house to micro organism.

As a result of the wooden expands when it will get moist, nonetheless, it’s subsequent to unattainable to wash the entire micro organism from a wood slicing board. When an individual washes the board, the water seeps into the wooden, inflicting it to develop and successfully block entry to the micro organism that’s dwelling within the board. As soon as the board dries, nonetheless, the micro organism are actually in a position to attain any meals that’s being reduce on the board.

Prolonging the Lifetime of Your Wood Chopping Boards

A woman washing a wooden cutting board.

There are some things that may be carried out to make wood slicing boards safer. To start out, boards in a kitchen must be clearly labeled; one for vegatables and fruits, one other for meat, and a 3rd one for seafood.  

This cuts down on cross contamination. Since every one among these boards will solely be used for a particular sort of meals, that meals will solely be uncovered to the micro organism that naturally grows on that sort of produce or meat.  

Wash the wood slicing boards after each use with cleaning soap and water. The cleaning soap will have the ability to seep by means of the wooden and kill a lot of the micro organism which are dwelling on the board, however it is going to be troublesome to scrub these micro organism away. That signifies that over time the micro organism dwelling on the board would be the ones which are most immune to cleaning soap, making them extra harmful to get in your meals.

Why Plastic Chopping Boards Are Higher

A woman cutting vegetables on a plastic cutting board.

Plastic slicing boards are a much less porous floor, however they’ll nonetheless harbor micro organism. Plastic is far simpler to wash ,nonetheless. Plastic boards don’t develop after they get moist, making it more likely {that a} fast wash with dish cleaning soap and water will kill and take away practically the entire micro organism dwelling on the board.  

Plastic can be dishwasher secure, permitting the board to be uncovered to a lot greater temperatures that can kill any remaining micro organism.

As a result of the chance of eradicating all of the micro organism is far greater than with wood boards, it’s secure to make use of plastic boards for any sort of meals so long as the board is totally washed between meals; plastic slicing boards don’t have to be labeled for particular person meals teams.  

As soon as a board is badly scarred, it must be thrown away. As a result of plastic boards are less expensive than wood ones, nonetheless, this isn’t such an enormous deal.


A woman using plastic cutting board on a granite countertop.

Whereas a lot safer for utilizing with meals, plastic slicing boards are extra susceptible to slipping than wood ones. If the boards warp within the dishwasher, they won’t be utterly flat, making it more likely that the board will rock and slide whereas slicing on it.

For that reason, it’s advisable {that a} plastic board that’s not utterly flat be thrown away or recycled. In case you have a problem with plastic boards slipping in your counter tops, take into account shopping for rubber dots that adhere to the board. It will improve friction between the countertop and the board, making it a lot much less more likely to slip.


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